To be successful, every self-managed organization must be unique. It must be tuned to the unique domain, purpose, people, and values that it serves. If implemented well, self-management can ignite the creativity and engagement of everyone involved. If done poorly, it can descend into a chaotic catastrophe.

Software companies (or any organization that builds software) can particularly benefit from implementing self-management techniques. But much care must be taken to design processes and tools to operate under this new paradigm. Agile principles are useful, but have been largely misunderstood and poorly implemented. Flatwire.org is an attempt to take a comprehensive and detailed look at how to use self-management to build software.

Drawing from examples in business, non-profit, religion, science, military, and even nature, we hope to make this path a little clearer– a little more approachable. While there are no easy answers for how your organization will be shaped, there are an increasingly prevalent number of experiments showing potential ways forward and potential pitfalls. We hope flatwire.org will be your pathway into the future of work!